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Paul HansenSince January 2020 The Hansen Report on Automotive Electronics is published by Springer Nature, the world's leading scientific publisher, as a part of the international e-magazine ATZelectronics worldwide.

Springer Nature is committed to providing the best quality content through a range of innovative product and services for the research, education and professional communities. We are home to a family of brands, businesses and imprints that include some of the most famous names in academic, education and professional publishing.

ATZelectronics offers development engineers and researchers in the field of electrical and electronic development for passenger cars and commercial vehicles a deep insight into focal points and interfaces of current electronic development in the automotive industry and research. Our authors are automotive experts from the industry and science. Therefore, ATZelectronics reports feature individual research projects and the series development of vehicles and their components. Together with Mr. Hansen and The Hansen Report we are happy to provide you a new, current and international source of information.

Paul Hansen wrote and published The Hansen Report on Automotive Electronics, a newsletter dedicated to researching and identifying technology and business trends in the global automotive electronics industry.

Mr. Hansen began writing The Hansen Report in 1988 as an outgrowth of his strategy and market research consulting business, Paul Hansen Associates. Over the past two decades Mr. Hansen has consulted to carmakers, many of the world's leading auto electronics suppliers and to those exploring industry investments.

Drawing on 30-plus years of experience in electrical engineering, marketing, product planning, business and strategy development, Mr. Hansen brings an engineer's and a business manager's perspective to The Hansen Report, as well as a reporter's relentless pursuit of the facts. As a result, The Hansen Report is widely recognized as a reliable, credible source of timely information, and Paul Hansen is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost experts on the automotive electronics industry.

He has been a keynote speaker at industry conferences in the United States and in Europe. His observations and opinions on the auto electronics industry are often quoted by the press. Mr. Hansen regularly develops and moderates a plenary panel discussion for the biennial Convergence conference on automotive electronics, where he has also been a keynote speaker.

Paul Hansen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Rhode Island and attended the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. A native of Brooklyn, New York, a Navy veteran and father of five, he now makes his home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


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